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sab, 26 feb 2011

The landscape of Molise, a genuine and rural beauty, lies a serious and imminent danger!

The assaults on his integrity - real threats to identity not only of places, but the population, its history, its culture - bring your plans for the construction of industrial wind turbines, will produce, in short, an irreversible damage, first all aesthetic, definitely compromising the desired development project in the region - that of a quality tourism - which is able to emerge thanks to the special feature "rural" for much of its territory, its natural, historical and archaeological , the typicality of its food and agricultural products, which are decisive for the growth of its economy.

The Molise region, at the proposal of Councillor Adelmo Berardo, recently repealed its guidelines (Law 15/2005), believed, without reason, "restrictive" and impediments to the free development of wind farms in the region.
With the adoption - now the next - a new regional guidelines, the above limitations to some extent as a protection of property rights, the landscape and environment will be demolished and replaced by legislation wild, absolutely contrary to the wording of . 9 of the Italian Constitution.

The one, last, chance to stop the disfigurement in place (and that, even worse, coming next), gutting of the ridges, disruption of the territory, is given by the action of the Government, with the implementation of paragraph 10 art. 12 Legislative Decree 387/2003, although it contains unacceptable provisions, as discussed below, as to the location of wind farms.

The recent Constitutional Court ruling No. 166 of 25/05/2009, which recognizes, in fact, the State has exclusive power over environmental protection, could paradoxically - and even beyond the justified concerns about the associations environmental committees and anti wild wind and industrial - to provide an effective and final opportunity to protect the environment, landscape and cultural heritage of the nation, defeating even the reckless guidelines that the Molise Region is preparing to approve.

The wind destruction must be stopped! Everywhere, in every region, province, municipality, district, where the landscape there is an element of identity.

Must stop the arrogant administrators insensitive to their land, the commodification of their territory!

Too must stop the "diligent" operators, brokers and so-called "developers" who, often at the limits of legality, they get behind the mirage of lavish concessions revenue (read compensation) to "benefit" of common interests and face of irreparable harm that will weigh even future generations, such is the seriousness with which the environment, in terms of landscape, hydrological, agro-pastoral, wildlife, state representative (not to mention the consequences, assessed on human health) is to be raped!

Questionable, then, is, as mentioned, the second paragraph of Article 10. 12 Legislative Decree 387/2003, which provides that there "In implementing these guidelines, the regions can indicate areas and sites unsuitable for the installation of specific types of plants."

The statement from the regions, areas and sites suitable for construction of wind farms would, in fact, the gathering of wild plants in these areas - in the Molise region (in this case) is particularly rich - having too ' them, that is to say, their own specific identity of the countryside and the environment, although not recognized particularly valuable.
Conversely, the regions should be limited to identifying areas and sites that have no landscaping to be used exclusively in areas of construction of plants, thus adhering to the constitutional provisions of article 9, which makes the responsibility of the Republic protecting the landscape and heritage and history of the nation.

The Committee
“A che punto è il Molise ?”


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